For Business.

Built for small business.

We built Knack for small businesses, because we know how tough it can be to get started. Our core focus has always been to help you simplify all the daily tasks, freeing up your time and allowing you to focus on what you love.

Free small business management software
Quotes, Invoices & More

Knack includes simple, easy to user accounting software that keeps everything, from quotes & invoices to finances and more in one place. With advanced access control, you define what staff can do.

Free small business management software
Clients, Prospects & Suppliers

Your sales team has access to our mobile and tablet apps, letting them quickly add prospects and generate quotes on the fly. It's so easy to use that anyone can do it. Empower your team, and get more sales, faster.

Free small business management software
Projects & Tasks

With Knack, projects and tasks can have multiple team members linked to it, allowing everybody to keep up with the latest work and easily make their contribution.

Free small business management software
Finances & Reports

Need to keep track of your company finances, sales and clients? Generate reports automatically that keep you up to date with all the important data to optimize your business.

Running a business is easy. Said nobody. Ever.

Starting a company is tough. You have to be prepared for all sorts of unexpected tasks thrown at you. We started builing Knack because we know how easy it is to get bogged down with admin, and how difficult it can be to make a success with extremely limited resources. It's why we offer Knack for free - to help you make a success of your small business.

3 hrs

Saved Time per Day

Users of Knack report massive savings in their daily work schedule, simply by allowing it to deal with the basic chores for them.


Increased Revenue

Businesses report increased sales and improved customer relations after using Knack, resulting in increased revenue.


Increased Client Retention

Small business owners using Knack say that they've had a huge improvement in their ability to keep customers.

"Knack runs my business for me. I'm great at marketing, but really bad at admin. Thank G-d I have Knack to do the rest for me."

Sam Cox, Small Business Owner

Knack is extra. Just like you.

Knack comes with all sorts of nifty features, designed to make your life easier.

Free small business management software

Knack has absolutely no limits on the amount of clients, suppliers or invoices that you can create. It has everything you need, with none of those pesky limitations.

Free small business management software
Forever Free

Don't think it's worthwhile to pay hundreds of dollars for software that you don't know how to use and hate? Neither do we. That's why Knack is free. And you'll love it.

Free small business management software
On the Go

Use Knack on your browser or with one our free mobile apps to keep up with your business wherever you need it. It's available on all devices.

Free small business management software

Quickly issue quotes, invoices and accounting reports to maximize efficiency and revenue.

Free small business management software

Manage your prospects, contacts and clients in one place with a simplified CRM software.

Free small business management software

With integrated project management, tasks, and time tracking, you can be sure that nothing gets missed.

Free small business management software

Automatically schedule invoices and statements, generate automated reports, and more with Knack Automation. Run your company and let Knack do the hard work for you.

Free small business management software
Team Collaboration

Forget complicated integrations. Knack allows your team to co-ordinate easily and efficiently with our apps or web platform. With built in chats, task and client notes, and more, your whole team is on the same page.

Free small business management software

Knack is Free.

No tricks. Use Knack forever for free with up to 3 users. Sign up today and start focusing on more important things.

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