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We offer Knack on our Forever Free plan for up to 3 users, letting you manage your company more easily and efficiently.

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You can use Knack for free as long as you want, no obligations. Upgrade when you need to, and you'll only be charged for active users. It's easy to cancel, and easier to try out.

Forever Free

$0.00 /month For small and micro businesses with teams of three or less people.
  • Unlimited prospects, clients, suppliers and contacts.

  • Unlimited quotes, invoices, statements and more.

  • Unlimited projects, tasks and notes.

  • Unlimited file uploads, chats and collaboration.

  • Advanced user access control.

  • Weekday support and knowledgabase.

  • SSL data transfer and encrypted storage.

  • Download the apps any time.

  • View all features

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$3.95 /user /month For small, medium and large companies.
  • All free features.

  • Full, unlimited automation features.

  • Website CRM integration.

  • Email tracking.

  • Online approvals.

  • Larger file sharing.

  • 24/7 direct support.

  • Pay per active user only.

  • View all features

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Nobody says it better than our customers.

"A fantastic product. Knack helped us streamline our entire company, leaving me with time to run the company and generate more revenue."

Kyle Baker, CEO

"Knack made a huge difference to our company. Before we started using it, there were mistakes all over. Now I don't need to worry about that."

Gerhard Schmidt, CFO

"I started using Knack because I wanted to get quotes out faster. Now the whole sales team uses it, and we've all met our targets with less work."

Joel Hunter, Salesman

Frequently Asked Questions.

Do I need to download software?

Nope. Knack is a cloud platform, so you can simply log in on the web. You have the option of downloading the apps if you need them.

How do I get the app?

Easy. Simply search for Knack on the iTunes or Play stores and install from there.

What limitations are there on usage?

You can use all Knack features on all plans. The only limitations for the Forever Free account are automation, file sizes and users.

Is it really free?

Yup. You can use Knack for as long as you want with up to 3 users, without ever paying a cent.

What's the benefit of PRO?

PRO is great when you need to get more advanced. It includes a range of automation features, additional users, and nifty things like email tracking.

Can I cancel my plan?

Yes. Anytime. Knack is billed monthly, and only for what you use. You can downgrade your subscription or cancel it whenver you want.

What kind of support do I get?

All of our plans come with 24/7 support (even Forever Free) and a comprehensive knowledgebase to help you.

Is my data secure?

100%. We use the latest server technology, with backups, encryption and other technical stuff to make sure your data is safe.

Who owns my data?

You do. Knack provides the option to retrieve your data at any time, and we do not retain any data that you delete.

All the Features.

Forever FreePRO
Unlimited quotes
Generate as many quotes as you need.
Unlimited invoices
Convert quotes in to invoices with one click.
Unlimited suppliers
Keep track of your supplier information, products and services.
Unlimited purchase orders
Keep control of your expenses with purchase orders.
Unlimited credit & delivery notes
Simple credits notes and delivery notes when you need them.
Price tiers
Charge different clients according to your price tiers.
Saved products/services
Save your services for easy access when creating quotes.
Stock management
Automatically update your stock inventory when invoices are issued.
Client statements
Generate detailed statements for your clients.
Finance reports
Understand your finances with advanced charts and reports.
Tax reports
Simplify your life with tax reports that make sense.
Automated invoices
Schedule invoices to be automatically generated and sent for you.
Automated purchase orders
Schedule purchase orders to be automatically generated and sent for you.
Automated statements
Schedule statements to be automatically sent to your clients.
Automated finance reports
Schedule finance reports to be sent to you.
Forever FreePRO
Unlimited prospects
Add as many prospects as you can.
Unlimited contacts
Keep track of contacts by adding as many as you need to clients and suppliers.
Unlimited clients
Create clients with all their information, or convert prospects in to clients with a click.
Prospect & client notes
Upload files and comments to prospects and clients to keep track.
Desktop & apps
Download our apps and generate quotes for prospects while you're talking to them.
Sales reports
Advanced charts and reports for understanding client sales and overall sale history.
Lead capturing
Add our tracking code to your website to automatically capture leads and create prospects.
Client finances
View detailed metrics about your clients' most likely sales.
Email tracking
See which emails your clients and prospects actually open.
Forever FreePRO
Unlimited projects
Create projects with deadlines and unlimited tasks.
Unlimited tasks
Generate a range of different types of tasks, and assign multiple users to them.
Task notes
Upload files and comments to tasks to keep your team in the loop.
Record progress
Use the built in timer to record task progress.
Project reports
Generate detailed project reports, with task details and timelines.
Schedule projects
Use automation to schedule repeating projects.
Schedule tasks
Automatically generate tasks on a schedule.
Schedule timesheets
Keep track of user task progress with automated timesheets.
Forever FreePRO
Access control
Determine what your team can and can't do, individually, with access control.
Chat to your team in-app, and share files with them, all in one place.
Add multiple users to tasks to work together, comment, and share files.
Assign responsibility
Add managers to prospects, clients, projects and more.
See how your sales and project management teams perform with charts and reports.
Unlimited users
Pay per active user only.
Forever FreePRO
Mobile apps
Install our apps on iOS and Android to keep up on the go.
Desktop apps
Download our apps for Mac and Windows.
Learn about every feature in detail with our extensive knowledgebase.
Contact our support team any time for help or suggestions.
Send quotes, invoices, and everything else in-app with a click.
Get notified whenever anything important happens.
Advanced search
Find any prospect, client, quote, task, or anything else with our deep search feature.
Hundreds of currencies
Generate quotes and invoices in your own currency.
Add your logo to brand quotes, invoices and everything else.
Go dark
Use our light or dark mode - whatever suits you.

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