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Last updated on 27 July, 2017

Access levels allow you to control which features a user can make use of in your Knack account. This is important when you have a number of staff members, who each have their own responsibilities.

Assigning an access level to a user allows them to do every UP TO AND INCLUDING their access level. For example, if you give a user access level 4, they will be able to do everything that levels 1 to 4 can do.

Access Level Breakdown
Last updated on 27 July, 2017
sectionsubsectiondescriptionlevel 1level 2level 3level 4level 5
Project SetupTask Add or edit a task.
Project ViewAutoTasks View scheduled tasks.
User ViewProfile View own user profile.
User SetupTimesheet Generate a timesheet.
Project SetupProject Add or edit a project.
Project ViewProjects View project information.
Project ViewAutoProjects View scheduled projects.
Project ViewAutoReports View scheduled project and task reports.
Prospect SetupProspect Add or edit a prospect.
Client SetupClient Add or edit a client.
Client SetupContact Add or edit a client or supplier contact.
Prospect ViewProspects View prospect list.
Client ViewClients View client list.
Client ViewContacts View client contact list.
Supplier SetupService Add or edit a product/service.
Supplier ViewSuppliers View suppliers.
Supplier ViewContacts View supplier contact list.
Supplier ViewServices View product/service list.
Quote SetupQuote Add or edit a quote.
Quote ViewQuotes View quotes.
Invoice ViewInvoices View invoices.
PurchaseOrder ViewPurchaseOrders View purchase orders.
Invoice ViewAutoInvoices View scheduled invoices.
Client ViewAutoStatements View scheduled statements.
User ViewAutoTimesheets View scheduled timesheets.
Client SetupNote Add a note or upload a file to a client.
Client ViewNotes View client notes or files.
Client ViewClient View client detailed information.
Supplier SetupSupplier Add or edit a supplier.
Quote SetupInvoiceIssue Issue an invoice.
PurchaseOrder SetupPurchaseOrder Add or edit a purchase order.
PurchaseOrder SetupInvoice Add or edit a supplier invoice.
PurchaseOrder ViewInvoices View supplier invoices.
User SetupUser Add or edit a user.
User ViewUsers View user list.
Company ViewTaxes View company tax reports.
Company ViewAutoReports View scheduled financial, tax or sales reports.
Company SetupCategories Add or edit service categories.
Company ViewAccount View and update Knack account.
Company ViewFinances View company financial reports.
Company ViewSales View company sales reports.
Company SetupReportSchedule Add or edit financial, tax and sales reports.
Company SetupCompany Update company information.
Company SetupTerms View and update company terms & conditions.
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