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Last updated on 27 July, 2017

Access levels allow you to control which features a user can make use of in your Knack account. This is important when you have a number of staff members, who each have their own responsibilities.

Assigning an access level to a user allows them to do every UP TO AND INCLUDING their access level. For example, if you give a user access level 4, they will be able to do everything that levels 1 to 4 can do.

Level 1
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Access Level Breakdown
Last updated on 27 July, 2017

The following is a list of all access levels and the features that can be accessed by each;

sectionsubsectiondescriptionlevel 1level 2level 3level 4level 5
projectsetupTaskAdd or edit a task.
projectviewAutoTasksView scheduled tasks.
userviewProfileView own user profile.
usersetupTimesheetGenerate a timesheet.
projectsetupProjectAdd or edit a project.
projectviewProjectsView project information.
projectviewAutoProjectsView scheduled projects.
projectviewAutoReportsView scheduled project and task reports.
prospectsetupProspectAdd or edit a prospect.
clientsetupClientAdd or edit a client.
clientsetupContactAdd or edit a client or supplier contact.
prospectviewProspectsView prospect list.
clientviewClientsView client list.
clientviewContactsView client contact list.
suppliersetupServiceAdd or edit a product/service.
supplierviewSuppliersView suppliers.
supplierviewContactsView supplier contact list.
supplierviewServicesView product/service list.
quotesetupQuoteAdd or edit a quote.
quoteviewQuotesView quotes.
invoiceviewInvoicesView invoices.
purchaseOrderviewPurchaseOrdersView purchase orders.
invoiceviewAutoInvoicesView scheduled invoices.
clientviewAutoStatementsView scheduled statements.
userviewAutoTimesheetsView scheduled timesheets.
clientsetupNoteAdd a note or upload a file to a client.
clientviewNotesView client notes or files.
clientviewClientView client detailed information.
suppliersetupSupplierAdd or edit a supplier.
quotesetupInvoiceIssueIssue an invoice.
purchaseOrdersetupPurchaseOrderAdd or edit a purchase order.
purchaseOrdersetupInvoiceAdd or edit a supplier invoice.
purchaseOrderviewInvoicesView supplier invoices.
usersetupUserAdd or edit a user.
userviewUsersView user list.
companyviewTaxesView company tax reports.
companyviewAutoReportsView scheduled financial, tax or sales reports.
companysetupCategoriesAdd or edit service categories.
companyviewAccountView and update Knack account.
companyviewFinancesView company financial reports.
companyviewSalesView company sales reports.
companysetupReportScheduleAdd or edit financial, tax and sales reports.
companysetupCompanyUpdate company information.
companysetupTermsView and update company terms & conditions.

Level 1
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