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Adding supplier invoices allows you to keep track of your company expenses, and attach them to purchase orders where necessary. Typically, when you purchase a product or service from a supplier (such as materials for manufacturing or office rental), you are provided with an invoice for payment.

You can upload the basic details of this invoice to Knack. Doing so allows you to generate accurate financial reports, and attaching it to a purchase order ensures that no fraudulent payments are made.

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Last updated on 25 July, 2017

Adding a Supplier invoice

You can upload a supplier invoice by either;

You are able to add the following information;

  • The invoice number and date.
  • The total invoice amount and taxes.
  • The amount paid against the invoice.

You might upload the same invoice twice if, for example, you make two seperate payments to the supplier on different dates.

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Last updated on 25 July, 2017

Adding a Supplier invoice :: Knack Knowledgebase :: Business Management Software

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