Suppliers and services

A purchase order is typically used as a formal request to purchase a product or service from a supplier. It is an accounting method used to prevent fraudulent purchases or expenditure, especially when there are a number of people in an organization. They are also used to ensure that your suppliers have the correct information (such as the delivery address).

Generally, you would generate a purchase order when you require a new product or service from a supplier, and have a director or senior staff member sign it to declare its legitimacy. In these cases, your accounting department would not make payments to suppliers unless there is a signed purchase order submitted with every invoice.

Knack allows for purchase orders to be generated from a quote and/or to be linked back to a quote. You would need to have selected the supplier when setting up the quote for this to work. This is crucial in service industries or companies involved with job costing as most purchase orders relate back to a specific job or project.

You may add purchase orders to your dashboard as a quick short-cut for easy access, or alternatively, you may access it under suppliers (left menu) and purchase orders (top menu).

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