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Editing a Prospect
Last updated on 07 March, 2019

A prospect can be edited from one of three sections;

From the prospect edit popup, you can change;

  • The company's name.
  • The company price tier.
  • The payment terms.
  • The primary contact's name.
  • The primary contact's email address.
  • The primary contact's phone number.

Editing a Prospect > Knack Knowledgebase > Business Management Software

Prospect Actions
Last updated on 07 March, 2019

Prospect actions can be anything that has happened to a prospect, including;

  • Enabling or disabling the prospect.
  • Quotes generated.
  • Contact between your company and the prospect.
  • Additional information received from the prospect.
  • Uploading of important notes or files for future use.

Some actions are recorded automatically, such as when you generate a quote. Other actions can be recorded manually as and when you need them.

Using the Prospect Actions tab is the only way to record information against a prospect. Simply type what you need to and hit send.

Prospect Actions > Knack Knowledgebase > Business Management Software

Converting Prospects to Clients
Last updated on 07 March, 2019

You can convert any prospect in to a client by going to the Prospect View > convert to client.

When converting to a client, the following things will happen;

  • All actions will be copied across.
  • A new contact will be created and linked to the client.
  • All quotes will be assigned to the new client.

If you issue an invoice on a prospect quote, the prospect is automatically converted to a client.

Disabling or Enabling a Prospect
Last updated on 07 March, 2019

A prospect can be disabled or enabled through the prospect menu. To complete this action;

  • Open the Prospect View for the prospect you wish to enable/disable.
  • Click the menu button > disable prospect OR click the menu button > enable prospect

Disabling a prospect will remove it from important lists such as creating quotes, and no user will be able to edit it unless it is enabled again.

Disabling or Enabling a Prospect > Knack Knowledgebase > Business Management Software

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