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Editing a Client
Last updated on 07 March, 2019

A client can be edited from the Client View;

When editing a client, you will be able to update important client information, such as;

  • The company name.
  • The main company contact details.
  • The price tier and payment terms.
  • The physical and postal address.

Editing a Client > Knack Knowledgebase > Business Management Software

Client Actions
Last updated on 07 March, 2019

Client actions can be anything that has happened to a client, including;

  • Enabling or disabling the client.
  • Quotes generated.
  • Invoices generated.
  • Payments made.
  • Contact between your company and the client.
  • Additional information received from the client.
  • Uploading of important notes or files for future use.

Some actions are recorded automatically, such as when you generate a quote. Other actions can be recorded manually as and when you need them.

Using the Client Actions tab is the only way to record information against a client. Simply type what you need to and hit send.

Client Actions > Knack Knowledgebase > Business Management Software

Client Manager
Last updated on 07 March, 2019

The client manager is the person who is responsible for the customer or client. The user who created the client is the default manager (or when a prospect is converted to a client, the person who created the prospect).

The manager receives important notifications when something happens with the client, and tasks, projects, quotes and invoices are attributed to the user when another user is not selected.

Client managers also make it easier to generate a list of clients that each user manages through the client list filters.

You can change the manager at any time by;

Client Manager > Knack Knowledgebase > Business Management Software

Client Additional Details
Last updated on 07 March, 2019

Clients have the option of you adding additional details, which are automatically included in quotes, invoices and statements. Additional details could be a variety of information, such as;

  • Vendor or supplier numbers that your client requires indicated on invoices.
  • Additional contact information that your client requires on invoices.
  • Special payment terms or invoicing details that you have agreed to with your client.

You can add or edit additional details by;

Client Additional Details > Knack Knowledgebase > Business Management Software

Enabling or Disabling a Client
Last updated on 07 March, 2019

A client can be enabled or disabled by;

Disabling a client will result in the client not being editable and it will be removed from important lists such as generating quotes.

Enabling or Disabling a Client > Knack Knowledgebase > Business Management Software

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