Projects and tasks

Knack is built for small-business owners and their teams to improve productivity. Which encourage collaboration with as many team members as possible, so invite managing agents, project managers, employees and business partners to collaborate and manage projects and decide which files they’ll have access to with team permissions.

A project is a group of tasks attached to a customer. There may be several quotes attached to a project, or alternatively each quote can have its own project (or job) with tasks assigned. As a best practice principle we recommend creating several quotes with complex items that can be added to one project.

Projects is listed on the main menu on the left just after suppliers.

Each project can include any number of tasks, as well as important information such as deadlines and descriptions. Using projects allows you to efficiently organize work that you are doing for a client by putting all information in one place.

Knack Automation (available in the Pro version) allows you to schedule projects to automatically duplicate. This is helpful when you are doing the same work every month for a client, and need the same set of tasks every time.

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