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Knack Update History
Last updated on 22 August, 2017

April 2018

  • Improved user experience for web app.
  • Improved invoice scheduling experience.


March 2018

  • Released beta iPhone app.
  • Released beta desktop apps for Mac and Windows.


February 2018

  • Resolved a variety of small bugs.
  • Improved usability on small screens.
  • Some additional information indicators.
  • Addition of frequently requested features such as prospect to client conversion.


January 2018

  •  Revised profile menu layout.


December 2017

  • Overhauled app and web interface for easier use.
  • Simplified navigation and data transfer for speadier work.


October 2017

  • Substantially updated app to help optimise viewing of data.
  • Added in progress tags to tasks.
  • Improved email layouts for better reading.


September 2017

  • Resolved some bugs.
  • Changed the overlay menu to be permanently visible for easier access.
  • Added some KB articles around statements and invoices.


August 2017

  • Reworked the overlay structure for easier navigation.
  • Introduced an easier to find overlay close button.
  • Resolved some minor design flaws.
  • Introduced a persistent signin procedure for web.


July 2017

  • Various bug fixes.
  • Added more information to notifications, such as the company name.


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