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Knack Update History
Last updated on 25 February, 2019

A new Knack!

As part of our commitment to improving Knack, we've rebuilt it from the ground up. There are more improvements coming than we can put down here, but the most important details are;

  • An improved design and user experience.
  • Faster, simpler and more intuitive workflows.
  • A refined feature set.
  • Preparations for a new round of features such as online payments, website integrations, and more!

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you have previously download one of our mobile or desktop apps, the new version will not be compatible with them. Please download the latest versions of the apps after version 4 is launched.

Some of the new features included in Knack (to name a few);

  • Dark mode (access from your user profile menu).
  • Automatic email tracking across all in-app emails.
  • More intuitive credit notes, now included in statements and finances.
  • Advanced support ticket handling.
  • Stock management for saved products.
  • Intuitive statuses, for example: paid statuses for invoices.
  • Online views for all quotes, invoices, purchase orders, statements and more.
  • Lots more!

June 2018

  • Added 100 currencies


April 2018

  • Improved user experience for web app.
  • Improved invoice scheduling experience.


March 2018

  • Released beta iPhone app.
  • Released beta desktop apps for Mac and Windows.


February 2018

  • Resolved a variety of small bugs.
  • Improved usability on small screens.
  • Some additional information indicators.
  • Addition of frequently requested features such as prospect to client conversion.


January 2018

  •  Revised profile menu layout.


December 2017

  • Overhauled app and web interface for easier use.
  • Simplified navigation and data transfer for speadier work.


October 2017

  • Substantially updated app to help optimise viewing of data.
  • Added in progress tags to tasks.
  • Improved email layouts for better reading.


September 2017

  • Resolved some bugs.
  • Changed the overlay menu to be permanently visible for easier access.
  • Added some KB articles around statements and invoices.


August 2017

  • Reworked the overlay structure for easier navigation.
  • Introduced an easier to find overlay close button.
  • Resolved some minor design flaws.
  • Introduced a persistent signin procedure for web.


July 2017

  • Various bug fixes.
  • Added more information to notifications, such as the company name.


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