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Your Knack Account
Last updated on 27 July, 2017

Your Knack account is created as soon as you register for Knack, and this is the place that you can keep track of your billings and other important account information.

You can access your Knack account at any time;

  • Using the main menu > company > Knack account

This provides information about how many users you currently have, and what kind of account you are on.

You can upgrade or downgrade your Knack subscription at any time by clicking on the manage subscription button.

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Deleting or Disabling Your Account
Last updated on 12 September, 2017

As part of our commitment to privacy and security, we provide the option to permanently delete your Knack account. You can access this through company > knack account > permanently delete account.

Deleting your account is permanent and cannot be undone. All data is lost.

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