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Why we Built Knack

Published on 29 November, 2019

Many years, at the dawn of the last decade, a small digital agency was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. That agency was founded by three entrepreneurs, and over the following years, grew from just three people to a respected agency with offices in multiple cities.

But before the growth and success of the agency, when it was in its infancy, the founders struggled with many of the same issues that most entrepreneurs do. Issues came about around doing basic admin. How to quote people, what format to use for quotes, and how to send quotes. Then, once they began to win clients, how to invoice those clients. Then how to track income and expenses. Once they hired their first staff, more issues came up. How to keep everyone in the team up to date with project progress. How to enable the staff to quote or invoice in a controlled manner. And so on.

The issues piled up, rapidly. And as they did, the founders increasingly became bogged down in admin and struggles over control, taking time away from the work that they were supposed to be doing - growing the business, and applying their minds.

So, they did exactly the same route that most founders do. They began to look at options to solve this problem. Fast forward many weeks, and countless meetings/emails/calls, and they found no viable solution. The problems with the options available were many. Some weren't adaptable enough. Others were too complex. They were all far too expensive for a small, growing agency.

One of the founders had a moment of inspiration. He said; we'll build our own solution to our problems. The other founders looked at him dubiously, but let it go. That founder went on to spend his personal time building a basic start to the software.

At first, it was very basic. It solved the immediate needs of the business. The software only allowed for quotes. Then he built out additional features. It could create invoices. Then it could track clients and prospects. Then projects and tasks. Finally came team collaboration, chats and file sharing tools. And so, it built up to a large, complex platform over a few years.

Eventually, the founder began to realise that he'd built something great. It wasn't an epiphany, and it took some time. Many employees expressed their love for the system. Some clients saw it and asked how they could use it. The idea of this internal tool as a broader product began to take shape.

And so, the founder decided to spin the platform out in to its own product. Knack was born.

Today, Knack is used by many people and businesses. But the purpose of it remains the same. To simplify how small businesses run, and do as much of the admin for them as possible, so that they can focus on what they love.

We hope that we achieve this deceptively simple goal with you.



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