What makes a great team collaborationsoftware

The year 2020 was the first time that many telecommuted to work, or worked remotely from home. Research indicates that as high as 65% of the US and UK workforce will be working form home by 2022. These statistics make it abundantly clear that online collaboration tools are becoming critical to how future businesses operate.

So what makes a great team collaboration software?



While there are a number of interesting team collaboration platforms on the market, most of them tend to be hyper vertical. In other words, they do only one thing - chat. And although this seems like a great idea, it often clutters your work life, since you're still dealing with chat apps on your phone, social media chats, emails and so on. Integration to systems that you're already using makes a team collaboration tool far easier to use, and less of a hassle.



With half of our lives spent on our smartphones, it's crucial that whatever tool you're using for work offers apps and web platforms to operate from. Especially if you're working remotely. 



The remote working stats highlighted at the start of this article show an interesting development. With 60% of people potentially working from home, not all of those people are technologically savvy. People working in the media and tech industries tend to be early adopters and pick up ideas such as team collaboration software quickly, but what about the rest? The simple truth is that a great platform makes sense to those are far less familiar with tech.

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