How cloud accounting software helps you get paid faster

Running a small business is tough. As an entrepreneur, you started your company to do something you were passionate about. But all too often, small business owners get bogged down by admin, accounting and mundane tasks. It's easy to forget to send quotes or invoices, and it's even easier to lose track of your finances.


Even when you have an admin person or bookkeeper available. They forget to do things, and when they're sick or take leave, everything falls into chaos. Sometimes it can take months to discover that a client hasn't paid, and then it becomes a nightmare trying to get the money in.


Cloud Accounting for the Win

That's where cloud accounting software steps in. Using an accounting platform that generates quotes, invoices and statements saves you a ton of time. In this digital age, who wants to spend hours creating spreadsheet invoices? You should be doing what you love - which almost certainly has never been admin.


Automated Invoices & Statements

This is a biggy. Forgetting to send out regular invoices is a business killer, especially if you're running an agency or other type of company that relies on repeat billing. A cloud accounting package should automate this for you, so you never, ever, ever forget to do it.

In addition you system should be able to tell you if the customer has opened your email, click on the invoice link or downloaded the PDF of the invoice. Knack can do all of that.


Flexible Payment Terms

Business often revolves around negotiations and working within different terms. How long do your clients have to pay you? What portions of invoices should they pay at a time? These are things that your account package must allow for and they should be flexible.


One Overview

When you have different staff in a range of roles, it's important that everybody has access to the same information. People responsible for different clients should easily be able to see that invoices have been issued and paid, and how work is continuing. This helps your entire company keep track and get things done without confusion.

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