Habits of highly effective leaders

Leadership and management are very different things, and it's often easy to forget the impact that good leadership can have on any company, particularly small businesses. Many employees work under managers who have poor management skills, micromanage, or don't value them as humans. These kinds of toxic management easily lead to loss of staff, and loss of important skills in a business.


Highly effective leaders will motivate their team to work toward common goals and to achieve great things. While ineffective leaders often have undermotivatedd, underperforming employees who aren't always sure of the goals of the company or the daily tasks they should be working toward achieving. We created the task and team collaboration functions in Knack to assist leaders to accomplish this all important goal.


The goods news is that leadership can be learned. Nobody is born as a skilled leader - instead, it's a skill that comes over time. The critical core of this skill is simple respect. That is, learning how to respect the people you're leading, creating an environment that they want to work in as human beings, and gaining their respect through honesty and action.


This article by Sling identified the following 11 habits of highly effective leaders, and the infographic below highlights some of these and more. The 11 habits listed there are:

  1. Give employees what they need to succeed
  2. Give praise where praise is due
  3. Lead by example
  4. Listen
  5. Be decisive
  6. Be confident in your abilities
  7. Express trust in your team
  8. Show your integrity
  9. Be optimistic
  10. Create an inspired working environment
  11. Be able to adapt


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