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6 Common Invoicing Mistakes to Avoid

Published on 03 December, 2017

How to create an effective (and legal) invoice isn't something that you're taught when you start a small business. People often miss out on the basics and only discover later that their invoice needs to be changed, wasting time and making the business appear unprofessional.

Every invoice should have at least these basic parts to it;

  • Branding. Your logo and brand should be clearly identifiable. 
  • Dating. People often forget to change dates when updating an invoice. Make sure that yours is current.
  • Client name. You client's name and contact details should be clearly marked.
  • Unique invoice number. Every invoice must have its own number - many countries require this for it to be legal.
  • Line items. Some people think it's easier to just lump everything together and charge for one item. Clients often have a problem with this - it's unclear and can appear deceitful.
  • Your details. Your payment terms and conditions and banking details should be clear on every invoice - you don't want people to have trouble finding this.

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