14 ways to increase staff productivity

Employing staff is one of the core influencers of any small business' success. Great staff members who work together can contribute enormously to the company, while poor staff training and choices can easily drain resources. That's why it's so important to choose the right team members, communicate with them, and make sure that you get the most out of them. Here are five tips for leaders on how to increase staff productivity.


Clearly Define Responsibilities and Expectations

When first hiring staff, it's far to easy to employ people just because you need them, without making sure that they know what they must do for you. Before you hire them, ensure that they understand how they will fit in your team and where their responsibilities lie. Most importantly, list what you expect them to achieve.

Once you've hired them, create a formal document that outlines these aspects of their job and make sure that you review it with them often.


Have the Right Resources Ready

Whether it's training, technical equipment, or software, make sure that your staff have the tools that they need to do their jobs from the first day. Without the right equipment, you'll risk frustrating them and wasting your own time.


Recognise Great Work

When a team member does great work, let everybody in your company know it. Try not to overdo it, but encourage positive contributions to the company regularly.


Teach From Mistakes

As important as recognizing good work is, so is recognizing the poor work. But shouting or criticizing your staff is only going to alienate them and leave resentment in the air. Instead, sit them down and work with them through the problem and how it should have been resolved. Make sure that the problem and solution are clear to them, and provide whatever tools they'll need next time to ensure it doesn't happen again.



Most importantly, as a leader, your responsibility is to listen to your team. If they need more of a challenge, give them more complex tasks to complete. If they have a suggestion, welcome it. If they have a complaint, sit down and discuss it openly with them. The more included they feel, and the more of a contribution that they feel is made, the more they'll want to contribute.


With great leadership comes great responsibility. That's why you need to engage and work with your staff, rather than rule over them.

The infographic below offers another 9 tips that staff themselves can take to make sure that their work day is productive.

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