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About Knack

Knack was created in 2011 after the founder started a small marketing agency. Initially created quotes, invoices and schedules using Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, it soon becam clear that this was inefficient and time consuming. After a number of errors cropped up, the founder decided to look into using accounting software available at the time.

He found that they were both far too complicated and far too expensive for a small company to use. And on top of that, none of them offered any kind of flexibility (unless you were prepared to pay hefty extra fees). So he decided to build his own system.

It started out simply enough - a website that the company could use to quickly generate quotes. But as time went on, features had to be added to make the process more effective. Fast-forward a few years and the system became a product in its own right, with requests from far and wide to use it.

Today, Knack is the most comprehensive, user-friendly business management platform in the world, with customers across Africa, Europe and North America. It is used by small and large companies across industries, helping businesses become more efficient and grow.

Knack is a product of Theoretical Inc., incorporated in Delaware, US.

Global Customers

Knack is used by companies far and wide, from Africa to Europe and North America. We're constantly expanding to new markets, and our user base is growing by the day.

Small and Large

From startups to established corporates, Knack is used to power businesses across industries and markets. We pride ourselves in our platform's ability to help new companies become more successful and grow.